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5 MORE Tips For a Sustainable Beauty Routine

Refill Your Favourite Products

There are so many local businesses such as Re:Plenish that offer a range of products for you to simply refill your favourites.

I’ve discovered the natural deodorant from Routine and I have yet to find anything that compares to it! However, it can be hard to find and for some people (including me) a little on the pricey side. BUT, I was able to save some money and new packaging by taking my jar and refilling it at Re:Plenish. They carry everything from moisturizer to deodorant, cleanser and even toners and beard oil in addition to everyday items like dish soap.

Keep Packaging in Mind

There are many brands out there like Bottle None that offer great products in compostable packaging. That way, you don’t have to worry about creating more waste just by using something like deodorant or lip balm!

Opt for Bars Instead of Bottles

While using products with compostable or 100% recyclable packaging is great, you can also just go for none at all! Jack59 is a woman-owned, Edmonton-based business that creates salon-quality hair care in bars! So, you can swap your expensive bottles for a bar that lasts 80 washes and creates basically zero waste.

Try Sustainable Makeup

River Organics creates hydrating products that are good for your skin and the environment. They also work to make their packaging as close to zero-waste as possible, and ship in recycled envelopes from Eco-Enclose, sugarcane-based labels and without additional paper or packaging.

Use What You Have

It is very fun to try new things and work towards living a more sustainable life, BUT it doesn’t help if you just throw away what you already have. I myself am guilty of buying new products and totally forgetting about what I already have until it’s no longer usable.

I’ve started waiting until I really need it to buy new things, or buy it and hide it out of sight and out of mind until my current ones are all used up.


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