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FREE Ways To Support Your Favourite Small Business

"When you buy local, someone somewhere does a happy dance."

Social Media

For many, platforms like Instagram or Facebook are their main source of business and new customers. These social media applications give us several ways to add to that! Believe it or not, some of these are more valuable than others (thanks to complicated social media algorithms). Below are things you can do in order of the impact they make from highest to lowest.


Follow - The more followers, the more people a business page reaches. We like that!

Saves - Saving an Instagram post tells the algorithm that the content was valuable to viewers, therefore they show it to even more people.

Send - When you share content with a friend or on your story, you are exposing more people to the post and to the business - we like that!

Comments - Comments are a great way to engage that tells Instagram that the content that a business shared was interesting and that you liked it enough to take time to tell us! On a side note, we LOVE getting comments and getting to know you!

Likes - Likes have become almost an automatic response as we scroll through social media. They don't mean a whole lot to the algorithm but they do still make a small impact!


Page Likes - Do you like our business? The products or values we hold? Like our page so that you can see all of our posts!

Shares - Much like sending a post to a friend or sharing it on your story, Facebook (and businesses) love it when you share posts. This tells us and the algorithm that we created a post that you find valuable enough to share with your friends! Facebook then shows our post to more people, and your friends get to see it too!

Comments - Social media is all about the conversation, so the more we talk and interact the better! If you see that someone asks questions or shares some good news in their post, give them some feedback! What do you think? Is it good news? Congratulate them!

Likes - Like Instagram, Facebook doesn't give a ton of importance to likes, however, they do still have some significance and in the least, at least businesses will know some people are enjoying what they put out there!

Refer a Friend

Have you ever been in a situation where your friend is describing something they are looking for and a little light turns on in your brain, "I know this person from here that actually makes those!"

Referring to someone you know to our business is one of the best gifts you could give! First of all, we love meeting new people and we might make a sale. That sale could pay a bill, buy groceries, or allow us to support another small business.

So ask yourself, is the thing I am looking for available from a local maker or store?

Leave a Review

Reviews are a magical small body of text that can make or break the signing of the next contract or decide the next purchase from your website. If you have been able to support a business in the past, or just even interacted with someone there, tell everyone!

Unlike big companies who everyone is already aware of, smaller businesses require more trust. They often cost a little more than going to Walmart, and you are often unaware of the quality of the product or service. When real people leave real, honest reviews it lets the business owner know where they have gone right or wrong, and tells future customers what they can expect.

Reviews can be left on Facebook pages, Google, Yelp and more. It is best to ask the owner where the best place is, or you can just do them all if you like!


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