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Should I Have A Trial For My Wedding Makeup?

All eyes are on you, cameras are flashing and you put effort into each and every detail from your hair to your dress, earrings and my job is to enhance your natural beauty with makeup.

You might say, “I don’t care what you do. I trust you, you are the professional. Do you think I still need a trial?” Or you might be on the other side, “I want a very specific look and I like my brows a certain way. Would it be best if we do a trial?”

I have been asked this question on many occasions, and it stems further than just weddings. The short answer is, yes. Here are five reasons why.

Let’s make sure you love it.

Whether you let me go ahead and create a look for you or come with a specific idea in mind, I want to make sure you fall in love with it!

Your trial is a chance to be super-picky and tear my work apart. I always tell clients, “You can’t hurt my feelings.” So seriously, if you hate it, tell me! It is my job to make sure you feel amazing on your wedding day, so I want to work with you to make that happen.

Professional Makeup For Another Occasion

Most of my clients ask when I like to do trials. I like to think, why waste the makeup? Scheduling a trial is an opportunity to have your makeup professionally done for photos, an event or just an evening out.

Have engagement photos, couples shots, boudoir or maybe just a personal shoot coming up? Let’s do it. Your bridal shower is next month, or your bachelorette party is coming up, let’s do it!

Not only do you get to show off your makeup, but this is a great opportunity to see how it wears throughout the day! So if you notice something a little off, we can make sure we lock it in on your wedding day!

Will it last?

As I mentioned, a trial is a great way to see if your makeup will last. If you already struggle with your makeup slipping throughout the day, this is a good chance for us to test out the lasting power of your wedding makeup.

If you’re getting too oily too fast or your mascara is smudging now we know! For your wedding day, we can switch up your primer, and try a waterproof mascara. Now, you are flawless all day!

Without a trial, we would never know!

Timing is Everything

Another reason I like to do a trial is that it cuts down the time it takes to do your makeup on your wedding day. During your trial, we narrow down exactly why your look will be and what products I will be using. This takes the guesswork out of it on the big day. This way, your wedding day is smooth sailing.

Skin Allergies or Sensitivities

Lastly, we can avoid reactions on your wedding day. I ask each client before I begin, “Do you have any allergies?” Most of the time client it’s a no, or they know exactly what they need to avoid.

However, JUST in case, it’s best to know for sure before the day of your wedding that your skin will love your makeup just as much as you do!

Whether you are a client of mine, or not, I KNOW your makeup artist would love to do a trial makeup application with you. Don't hesitate to ask me or your artist any questions you might have!


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