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What to Expect at Your Makeup Appointment - COVID-19 Edition

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Hello beautiful humans! What a wild ride we have been on, right?

Yes, I am taking clients!

Yes, I am taking clients! There have been several changes I have made to my process in order to keep my clients safe, and healthy! This blog includes all of the measures I have put in place before, during and after your appointment.

Pre-Service Waiver

All clients receiving services from Face Treat, and/or associated makeup artists will be required to complete a COVID-19 Waiver prior to the service for the foreseeable future. Paper copies of these will be on hand for clients to complete, or you can download and complete your own copy prior to your appointment.

What Your Makeup Artist Will Be Wearing

As the government of Alberta has not released specific protocols for Makeup Artist, I am following the recommendations for Salons and Barbers. I will be wearing the following for the duration of the entire service:

  • A mask covering my mouth and nose. The one in the image was made for me by Rose + Thimble.

  • Disposable gloves (changed between each client)

Makeup Kit Sanitization

As a makeup artist, I have always taken extensive measures to ensure the products in my kit, and the tools I use are clean and sterile for each client. This includes cleaning brushes in between each client and cleaning all used makeup products with 70% alcohol before using them on another client. Due to COVID-19, I will be taking extra measures as outlined below.

Makeup Products


Any lipstick product will not be apple directly to the lips. Before application, the lipstick product will be sanitized with 99% alcohol, then the surface layer will be wiped with a clean paper towel. Once cleaned, a spatula will be used to scrape a portion of the product, then it will be applied to a pallet. Only then will the product be applied to the client from the pallet.

Powder Products

As part of a regular sanitization routine between each client, all power products in pans are sprayed with 70% alcohol before use again. Additional measures will be taken by using 99% alcohol and wiping the surface layer of the product with a clean paper towel.

Pump or Tube Products

Products that come in a pump or tube packaging with be used as usual. The product will be dispensed onto a clean pallet, then will be used in the makeup application.

Packaging and Equipment

All packaging and equipment that can be classified as “hard-surfaces” will be cleaned using a disinfectant with evidence to be effective against COVID-19 as per the list provided by the Government of Alberta.

This intensive cleaning process will take place between each job on my whole kit. During single jobs with more than one client, each product that is used on one client will be placed in a plastic bag for cleaning. Products that will be used again on another client during the single job will undergo the intensive cleaning before a second use.

All equipment I have on hand including my kit bag, ring light, and additional bags will be cleaned with an approved hard-surface cleaner in between each job location. This will prevent the spread between locations and homes.

Lastly, as you may or may not know, the back of my hand is often my pallet that I work off of. This allows the product to stay warm and “handy.” (I’m sorry I had too) Now that I will be wearing gloves, I will be working off of a pallet. This pallet will be cleaned with an approved hard surface cleaner between each client.


All of my tools including brushes, sponges, tweezers, scissors, etc. always receive go through a deep clean and sanitization process between jobs. The following are measures that will be taken during this time:

  • All brushes and tools used on clients will be cleaned with a standard brush cleaner, then again with 99% alcohol to ensure they are sanitary before being used on another client.

  • Sponges will not be used during this time. While it is possible to thoroughly clean this tool, it can be more difficult, increasing the risk of spread.

My Space

As a mobile makeup artist, my space to work is often your space. That being said, I will be taking the following measures to ensure your safety:

  • I will request that the space I use can be cleaned with an approved cleaner before I begin set-up.

  • Instead of my usual towels to place on the surface, I will be using to work from, I will be using disposable paper towels.

  • I will ask that any trash or recycling created during your appointment be disposed of in your home.

  • I will work with you. If it is a beautiful day outside, let’s do your makeup in your back yard or on the balcony.

While I always have your satisfaction in mind when I am doing my job, client health and safety is at the top of my list. If you have any questions or concerns with this information please contact me. I would be happy to talk.


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