3D Mink Lashes

Girlfriends of Lily Anne lashes were created by Wendy Lieshout, a Canadian entrepreneur, aesthetician and educator.

The Girlfriend lashes are my go-to for stocking my kit for clients! They are high quality, affordable compared to other luxury lashes, and of course, beautiful! These are my three favourite styles from the brand that YOU helped me choose. They are made out of 100% Cruelty-Free Mink hair and give you long, full, fluffy lashes for up to 30 wears!


All lashes can be shipped within Canada for $10. Tax included in price. Contact me to order!


The Suzy lash is perfect for a night out. These are longer in the center, opening the eye and adding length and drama to any look!



The CIA lash is perfect for adding just the right amount of length and volume in all the right places for both opening and elongating the eye.



The Evie lash is a personal favourite, with most of the length and drama near the outer corner they elongate the eye for a cat-eye effect.


Magnetic Lashes

Are you looking for a quicker, glue-free option for achieving full lashes? The Girlfriends Magnetic lashes are the option for you! 

Like many, I was also skeptical of whether or not these would work. To my surprise, they are easy-peasy, and they STAY! Magnetic lashes can be worn and re-worn over and over, and the style can be switched in a matter of seconds. Each set comes with a pair of magnetic lashes, magnetic eyeliner, a rose gold lash applicator, and a case to store the lashes in. 


Better product pictures coming soon. All lashes can be shipped within Canada for $10. Tax included in price.

Contact me to order! 


Are you looking for a fluffy lash to bring your look to the next level? DIAMOND lashes are the ultimate choice for both length and volume.  



The LUXE lash is perfect for adding just the right amount of length, focusing on the outer corner to elongating the eye.



The OPULENCE lash gives you length and volume. The cluster-style gives you a more natural look from the lashline while giving you extreme length. 



Did someone say drama? The MIAMI lash is great if you want full drama for an evening out, or every day if that's what makes you feel amazing!



The KRIS lash is my go-to for an everyday pick-me-up. It just adds a little extra length and volume to your natural lashes. 



The DOHA lash ads extreme volume and length with its thick cluster style. Chose this lash to add a pop for your next event.


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